New volunteer crop wows us

26 August, 2022

Thanks to some amazing Trail Blazers, we’ve boosted our core volunteer cohort by more than 70% in the past few months.

We’ve been humbled by the talent and passion of our new volunteers. Great to welcome our new women and men, and to be blessed with some smart young people.

Most of you said you were attracted by our regular wins – like our feasibility study grant recently – and our reputation for professionalism. That’s really nice to hear 🙂

Here’s our amazing new volunteers.

Lucy Foskey – Social media manager. Manages our Facebook channel and will be helping us launch an Instagram channel. Your online posts are like haiku!

Deb Macer – Volunteer ambassador. Keeping the up the care and esprit de corps among our amazing volunteer crew. We love your enthusiasm.

Garis Alexander – Data wrangler. Miraculously threads our spreadsheets and lists with syntax strings. Helps us keep names, dates and numbers neat and tidy. You’re a data Jedi.

Ken Stewart, Greg James, Owen Macer, Mick Evans and Tim Cocking- Community ambassadors.  Like all our Community Ambassadors you’re the glue that keeps us bonded to our communities along the trail.

Robin Murdoch – Committee minutes secretary. Wisely wields the ring of  power to keep our Committee on track for and at our meetings. Nobody is better organised!

Steve HarrissonInterpretative signage project. What’s in a name and place? A lot, Steve reckons. Which is why we’re thinking already about “storytelling” well before our trail even starts construction.

Paul van der WalCommunity engagement and events. Bringing new passion and planning nous to our calendar of community events. Paul is thinking big!

David Tuck – Researcher, entertainer and can-do wrangler. Your information research and presentation is peerless, but you’re great with your hands. You’re a special cat, David.

Interested in volunteering with us? Want to make a difference working side-by-side with other super committed people? Now, there’s lots of ways you can make a difference and help get your trail built sooner. Drop us an email at We’d love to hear from you.