a project volunteeer.

We currently have more than 15 project volunteers regularly helping us to propel the trail from concept to construction.

We’d be rapt if you’d consider becoming a project volunteer (and joining as a member if you aren’t already). Being a project volunteer is a great way to meet interesting people in your community and have a genuine impact.

Almost one in four CMRT members is a committed project volunteer. And we have an almost equal number of members who help out as casual volunteers from time-to-time at public events.

What sets our project members apart is that they are directly and regularly involved in our advocacy projects and campaigns to get the trail built. They volunteer from a few hours a month to a few hours or more a week.

Our project volunteers are organised into six teams. The teams work in tandem, but each has a different focus:

  • working with council and government people or on grants to secure government funding for the trail
  • keeping contact with people and groups in the community and organising public events to build support for the trail
  • staying in touch with our members and keeping our volunteers engaged so we maintain a solid base
  • designing marketing collateral, and pictures and words for our website and social media to promote our cause
  • developing fundraising campaigns or evaluating grants for a fit with our programs so we can fund the trail
  • managing our administration and information so we can keep our records orderly and stay well organised

come Aboard in five EASY steps

Step 1. Getting to know you. Take our Volunteer Survey (click below) for project volunteers. It should take you less than 8 minutes to complete.

Step 2. Getting to know each other. We schedule a chat with you and usually two CMRT project volunteers. It’s a good chance to figure out together which team and what kind of role is going to suit you best. We spend a bit of time on that.

Step 3. Good things cut both ways. Once that’s settled, we ask you to enter into a volunteer agreement with us. Volunteer agreements are deployed by Victoria’s leading volunteer organisations. Our Volunteer Agreement (click below) follows best practice and sets out the things we should expect from one another.

Step 4. Getting started. We make sure you land knowing what to do and who to go to for help. You’ll be guided by your Work Team Lead and our Volunteer Coordinator – and connected to our online resources including Slack for team communications and Google Drive for document storage.

Step 5. Checking in. We’ll check in with you regularly to see how you’re going. We’ll check if you need stuff or you need a change of pace. You’ll hear first from your Work Team Lead or our Volunteer Coordinator; don’t hesitate to reach out to them first.