We are blessed with a growing crew of talented and energetic volunteers. We think you’re amazing.

Come, join us!


Special thanks to all our volunteers. You keep us going! Thank you to our project volunteers for building our campaigns, submitting grants, raising funds and talking to government. And to our casual volunteers for helping out at events and spreading the word. We love you!

Project volunteers

Garis Alexander, Des Boucher, John Carruthers, Bob Forde, Steve Foskey, Briele Hansen, Sandy Harman, Steve Harrisson, Greg James, Frank Kinnersley, Deb Macer, James Mack,


Bronwen Machin, Robin Murdoch, Jill Pattinson, Ken Stewart, Scott Rossiter, Janice Simpson, David Tuck, Peter Watts

Casual volunteers

Judith Barnard, Rainer Beilharz, Christine Christie, Diane Daniell, Mick Evans, Ann Ferguson, Paul Hampton, Steve Harrisson, Maddie Harrop, Grace La Vella, Giuliano Marcon, Dean McLaren, Colin Moore, Geoff Park, Paul Roberts, Nicki Renfrey, Amber Robinson, David Schloeffel, Janet Schloeffel, Jo Smith 


  • Janice Simpson | President
  • Sandy Harman | Vice President
  • Bronwen Machin | Secretary
  • Des Boucher | Treasurer

Thanks to Mark Brown, Christine Christie, Lou Citroen and Mick Evans for their service, and who retired during 2021

  • John Carruthers | Committee
  • Bob Forde | Committee
  • Steve Foskey | Committee