OUR backers

You’ve got our back. We simply couldn’t do this without you. From Maryborough to Castlemaine and across Australia, we’re humbled by the support we’re receiving from the community, business and government. We appreciate what you do for us every day. And we’re always looking for ways to thank you.

$20K Campaign Donors

,We’re deeply grateful to the more than 100 people and organisations across Central Victoria and Australia who contributed during late January through early March to our historic $20K campaign. The campaign began with a $12K target and surpassed in less than a fortnight. With your generosity, together we’ve got a genuine chance to get our trail started.

Foundation Donors $500+

Avoca Community Bank, Des Boucher, Canadian Bike Riders, Carthew Real Estate, Castlemaine Rotary Club, Forde Family, Guildford Progress Association, Margret Gundert, Madara Harrop, The Hub Foundation, Peter Jovic, Kim Lai, Bronwen Machin, William Marshall, Gary Moorhead, Janice Simpson, Maureen Welch

Community Donors up to $500

Kendall Alford-Madden, Jane Andrew, Norman Appleby, Isabel Ashton, Anne Beevers, Owen Bentley, Julia Blunden, Evan Bottcher, Stephen Brady, Mark Brown, Ruth Brown, Sean Carman, John Carruthers, Ed Carthew, Christine Christie, Como Wines, Samuel Cossar, Marian Crambrook, Helen Cronin, Fiona Dann, Anne Davey,


Aaron Davies, Gerard Dillon, Antony Donnan, Mick Evans, Timothy Findlay, Julie Flynn, Step Forbes, Andrew Fullagar, Bill Garrett, Kate Garstone, Ross Glasson, Deanne Greenwood, Sandy Harman, David Harmer, Judy Harper, Steve Harrisson, Liz Hartland, Neil Hobbs, James Hope, Daryl Horsfall, James Hurley, Chris Ja, Nathan James, Greg James, Jullietta Jung, Norman Kaye, Daydd Kelly, Frank Kinnersley, Grace La Vella, Maria Lacey, Chris Limm, Graeme Lipback, Stephen Lodge, Alyson Macdonald, Bronwen Machin, Moya Maguire, Paul Martini, Darren McClelland, Anthony Merrett, Joanna Middleton, Steve Middleton, Steve Milton, Jo Naughton, Geoff Noblett, David O’Brien, Barry Parsons, Russell Phillips, Anne Perkins, Joanne Pyke, Greg Ralton, Simon Robins, Bev Robinson, Lee Robinson, Bart Sbeghen, David Schloeffel, Janet Schloeffel, Judy Scholfield, Gordon Shaw, Loretta Sheehy, Peter Silver, Janice Simpson, Nigel Smith, Ken Stewart, Karina Taylor, Ben Thomas, Ashley Tracey, Ann Turnley, Paul van der Wal, Andrew Vile, Julian Webb, Tamsin Whaley, Alan Whykes, Hans Wilgenburg, Chris Williamson, Graeme Wood, Debbie Wright

We’re working on an honour roll for our many regular member donors too. Stay tuned.



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