Volunteer RUOK catch-ups via ZOOM

It’s been a tremendous year, Trail Blazers. But we also know it’s been hard the past few months. Covid lockdown has kept us apart. And CMRT’s Committee has been head down on some projects. Which is why we’d like to make up some lost ground and check in how you’re all going before we break for Xmas. Zoom’s a bit “Covid” (yep, we know!) but it’s also pretty handy when we’re spread up to 50km apart.

What it’s all about

We’re organising the first round of volunteer catch-ups. We want to know what our most passionate supporters are thinking, RUOK, and how can we get you more involved. We reckon there’s lots of opportunities if we open up the discussion. Zoom helps us bridge the gap. Until we can get social in person!

Day / Time

Day & times: Monday 8, November 5:00pm and Wednesday, 10 November 7:30pm

Entry: Volunteers only


CMRT Zoom // contact us for details

What you get / what it costs

Chance to have your say in how we do volunteering in CMRT // catch up and check in // plan future volunteer initiatives

$0 cost // just turn up on Zoom


Email us at volunteer@cmrailtrail.org.au – or click on the “Book today” button below.

Please include “RSVP Volunteer Zoom” in the header – and your name in the email.