Renew Your Support

Hi Trail Blazer,

You’re here because it’s almost 12 months since you joined us as a member. That means it’s renewal time!

Since you joined we’ve been busy firing up the community and government for a trail.

We’ve got the council and government talking “trail”, more than 3000 signatories to our online petition, funding to start shooting our community video documentary and our new digital footprint. All thanks to support from Trail Blazers like you!

Entering our second year, we’re letting you choose how you’d like to show your support. There’s two options:


Membership helps you shape our path to a trail. Great if you want to get more involved by attending
occasional meetings and events or volunteering.
● get really involved
● keep us strong
● have your say
● exercise your vote
● special member events
● volunteer (or donate)

Supporter Donor

Great if you don’t have time to get involved, or to volunteer, but you passionately want to help
those that do.
● skip all those meetings
● let us campaign for you
● help our volunteers
● special supporter events
● be recognised for your generosity
● receive our gratitude

We’ll feel blessed whichever choice you make. Reach out via if you’re still unsure about which one’s right for you. We’d be happy to help you!