renew or join IN

Trail Blazer,

You’re here because you want to join us – or you’re already one of us and you’re ready to renew.

Either way, we’re rapt.

In the past twelve months, we’ve raised more than $20,000 in community donations, and leveraged that to attract more than $130,000 in Victorian Government funds for a trail. We need your help to repeat that drive in 2023 and propel us towards the trail’s design and construction..

There’s two ways you can get involved and mark a difference. Two ways to contribute directly and be recognised as a Trail Blazer. We want to provide you with a choice that suits you.

Choose from getting involved as a Member or a Supporter-Donor. Member is for you if you want to get involved with the organisation. Support-Donor is for you if you’ve prefer to support others getting involved on your behalf.

Let’s do this together! The choice is yours. 

Member (Volunteer)

Membership is a great choice if you want to get involved, and thinking about volunteering with us.

  • have your say and vote
  • shape our organsation
  • volunteer at the front-line
  • build community connections
  • special events

Supporter Donor

Supporter-Donor is your best choice if want to be involved but would prefer to underwrite others getting involved on your behalf.

  • help us campaign on your behalf
  • make a tangible difference
  • be recognised for your donation
  • receive bi-monthly email newsletter
  • donate once or a regular amount