FRINGE festival boosts guildford’s youngest artists

17 March, 2023

We’re big fans of wildlife at CMRT. We want our rail trail to build awareness for our native birds and animals and the landscape they inhabit. While we work get our trail built, we can celebrate the inspiration of our youngest generation in our local fauna.

This week the organisers of the Castlemaine Fringe Festival invited young students from the Campbells Creek Primary School and Guildford Campus to decorate the main window of the Guildford General Store.

Fans of a pie or coffee at the Store typically don’t think of the historic hospitality destination as an art gallery. But that’s what it’s become for the next fortnight with the kids and the Festival taking over the main street window.

Young local wildlife fans like Tamzyn Roser, Braxton Warnock, Grace Bernard, Madison Howell, Harry Howie, Wolfie Meaden and Shayla Blackmore.

The result is an art installation that brings to life the many rare or endangered native animal species in our region. Species like the Blue-Billed Duck, Bearded Dragon, Chestnut-Rumped Heathwren and tumble across the main street window in an eye-catching naturalistic tableaux.

The young students join an already strong tradition of ecologically-minded regional artists who do much to celebrate the region’s fauna, including bird artist Bridget Farmer, and wildlife photographer Geoff Park.

So, for the next fortnight, Guildford helps anchor the Festival’s Art Windows Trail. The trail features small works hidden in shop windows and installations that take over empty buildings. The Fringe wants artwork – like that of the young students – that “transforms our streetscapes into a multitude of galleries”.

The Window Art Trail comprises artwork displayed in 68 locations across Maldon, Newstead, Guildford, Campbells, Harcourt, Taradale and Elphinstone.    

The Art Windows Trail is open and the works on display 17 March – 2 April. Read here about all the other amazing stuff going on at the Fringe Festival, including live music, theatre, comedy and social impact – and get involved!