If you fancy a longer adventure…

The CMRT will be a central and important connection of a number of other trails that together create a super-trail!
Once the Castlemaine to Maryborough Rail Trail is complete it will be possible to travel all the way from Skipton to Heathcote (via Ballarat, Creswick, Clunes, Talbot, Maryborough, Carisbrook, Newstead, Guildford, Castlemaine, Harcourt, Bendigo and Axedale) – all on established trails. That’s a total of 311km! But wait, there’s more! The CMRT also intersects with a number of other trails and tracks so you can plan a wonderful multi-day adventure in central Victoria. And with train services at 4 towns along the way, it is easy to join or leave the trail, or even skip a bit if the weather is terrible.

You can read more about the connecting trails here;