In search of a station’s memories

20 March, 2022

Newstead Railway Station holds a special place on our trail path. It’s the home of the Arts Hub, demonstrates how disused architecture can rejuvenate a community and our trail runs right through it. All these things make the the Newstead station a wonderful destination and an inspiration to other communities.

The Newstead Arts Hub is inviting people to come along to a Newstead station open day Saturday 22 April 2023 10am – 4pm.

The Arts Hub wants you to be part of the celebration. Share your memories of the working railway station and its role in the town’s history. The Arts Hub would love to hear your stories, learn about your connections and see any railway memorabilia or photos to help us answer our visitors’ questions.

According to the Arts Hub it’s “on a mission”. A mission to capture the history of the railway station. Some aspects of that history are known, but much more remains to be discovered.

Driven by the curiosity of visitors to exhibitions at the Arts Hub, they’re seeking answers to the question, “Tell me about this building?”.

CMRT will be hanging out at the station for the open day too. We’ll have information about the trail and news about the study that is paving the way for the trail to be built.

Need more information about the open day? Email the Arts Hub at or contact Gordon Dowell via

Featured image: Newstead Arts Hub // Bill Lanigan