Bike touring, e-bikes come to goldfields

21 June, 2022

Bike-touring and e-bikes were the stars in the capstone event in CMRT’s five-workshop “Better on a Bike” series held in Maryborough yesterday. CMRT President and series lead, Janice Simpson, recaps the successful workshop series finale.

Before a cracking two-course lunch put on by Maryborough’s Millhouse, Janice, a seasoned bike tourer and experienced bike-tour organiser, led 15 participants through the delights and logistics of touring by bike.

Topics covered included the pleasures of multi-day bike touring, route planning, accommodation options, bike options and setup and secure and lightweight packing. Janice illustrated her syllabus with entertaining stories from bike tours on several continents.

CMRT Vice President, and e-bike entrepreneur, Sandy Harman, brought his own insights from his own regular and extensive bike touring in Australia. Sandy also demonstrated how e-bikes work, and talked about how they add real flexibility to bike touring.

“This was fun and informative,” Janice said afterwards. “The participants were really lively and engaged, and a lot of networking took place too. Participants seemed to judge the workshop to be very engaging and enjoyable.”

Some participants commented on the broad knowledge and technical know-how that goes into planning and running a bike tour and with so many people able to contribute their strategies and tips, it was full of useful information.  

CMRT’s “Better on a Bike” series was funded via a community grant from the Central Goldfields Shire Council.