Blaze a trail with us!


We’re building overwhelming support for a new world-class recreational trail for all in Central Victoria.


Connecting communities

“From little things, big things grow.”
– Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody

Members, volunteers, supporters and friends. We are many, with one goal: to connect our communities along the proposed trail corridor.


CMRT was founded to transform the 55km Castlemaine to Maryborough disused rail corridor into a world-class recreational trail. A trail that can be used by cyclists, walkers and horse-riders of all ages and abilities.

We want to connect communities, defend safe travel, encourage prosperity, look after the bush and tell amazing stories of place and people.

We use grassroots action to inspire communities and spur governments to lead the charge to establish a new trail in Central Victoria.

Our community outreach aims to rally people of all ages and backgrounds behind the idea of a trail. To build a trail, we need to build a movement.

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Dja Dja Wurrung and the Jaara Jaara people, the custodians and caretakers of this land through which the trail will pass. We thank them for the care they have taken of the country: the rivers, mountains, trees, and animals. We could like to honour this Country, the Elders of the past and present and most importantly the young, proud Aboriginal people, as they are  our leaders for tomorrow.

Our People

We are blessed with a growing crew of talented and energetic volunteers. We think you’re amazing. You help out organising, doing, creating and spreading the word. Come on, join us!

Our Members

You can shape our direction and make a difference. Membership has expectations too. We want our members to be actively involved. Volunteer or donate so we can campaign for you.

Our Sponsors

We simply couldn’t do this without you. From Maryborough to Castlemaine and every town in between, we’re humbled by the support we’re getting from our small business sponsors.

Our Partners

Big projects need good friends. Friends who can help show the way and frame standards. Friends who help us walk just a little taller. Thank you to our partner organisations.

One of the wonderful things about our trail is that it will be equally enjoyable no matter which direction you start from!

Start at Maryborough and you can alight from one of Australia’s grandest old railway stations. Start at Castlemaine station and you will be right where the story of the goldfields began.

A powerful and unique feature of the trail is that it has a train line to Melbourne at both ends. Easy for local commuters; a magnet for eco-tourists.

If you start in Castlemaine, you can easily find good food and coffee and any last-minute necessities, then you’ll be off along the Campbells Creek Trail to Winters Flat where the disused part of the old train line begins and the Goldfields Steam Train blows it’s whistle and turns off towards Maldon.

Then the creek, the road, and the rail trail rolls down the valley past farms and houses to Guildford. You’ll be able to look down on the cars passing by as you are safe on the trail and can enjoy the view.

At Guildford, the line crosses the highway on a high bridge and leaves the road for a while, past the place where Campbells Creek joins the Loddon River, over another bridge, and now you’ll follow the Loddon River through bush and farmland, all the way to the old Newstead Station which is now an arts hub.

Soon after Newstead, you will ride across the spectacular Joyce’s Creek bridge, the longest of the trail, at the bottom of Lake Cairn Curran Reservoir. Then it’s a short climb up onto the volcanic Moolort Plains, with big skies, and world-recognised wetlands.

The rollicking downhill run past the Moolort Silos and into Carisbrook is a blast before heading into Maryborough and the truly magnificent Maryborough Station where you can enjoy a well-deserved milkshake (or other age-appropriate refreshing treats).

P.S. Take a peek at some of the views you’ll experience with photographs by Mick Evans in Views From The Trail gallery below.

Love the trail? Join in the chorus for change! Sign our petition, like us on social media and stay in touch. We know you care. And you want to be heard. And you’re busy. We get that. So, just make your mark, and hang out with us occasionally as a friend.

You want this rail trail! To explore, communte or for the kids to get to school. But don’t have the time to join and volunteer? We hear you. You can make a difference. Donate and help the volunteers working for you at the front-line. So we can campaign for you.

We love our members. You can shape our organisation. You can have your say and vote. We love our members. You help keep us strong. Membership is a great chance for you to get really involved, actively make a difference and to volunteer!

Our volunteers are impact members. You make a big difference. You choose your hours. You deliver our campaigns. You keep us going! You meet other wonderful people. And we will look after you. We can offer you a role, respect and special recognition.

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Doco filming starts thanks to Maldon Bank

Doco filming starts thanks to Maldon Bank

We’ve started filming a short documentary film about the rail trail. The film will follow the trail’s stories past, present and future told through communities along its path. The project is made possible by a $5K community grant from the Maldon District Community Bank.

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Website launch gives us reach and impact, Trail Blazers!

Website launch gives us reach and impact, Trail Blazers!

Boom! Boom! They’re the big sounds in the wake of our website and e-newsletter launch earlier this month. CMRT launched its funky and functional website in early August and couple that a few days later with its first HTML email newsletter. The results have been stunning.

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One small step closer to a trail with the council Tango!

One small step closer to a trail with the council Tango!

It’s been a big couple of months, Trail Blazers! Mt Alexander Shire has promised $6K to fund a pre-study for our trail this financial year. We know that success loves momentum. And we reckon Central Goldfields will be quick to match it. It takes two to Tango!

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